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the brief:In partnership with LEDC, we had the opportunity to develop a campaign for the city of London, Ontario. With a lack of skilled talent being the number one challenge for local companies, our mission was to present London as a destination city. By focusing in web, marketing and social, the campaign focus on attracting tech talent to the city, by targeting young professionals within and outside of London, looking for careers in the tech sector.

My roles:Project Manager, UX Design and Marketing.

Collaborators:Me, Barbara Bombachini, Emre Filiz, Eric Lee, Mauricio Silveira.

the project:The campaign Choose London comes with the goal of showing all the potential London has as a city with a highly-developed tech sector, offering many work opportunities. By highlighting fundamental factors such as Economics, Education, Work, Quality of Life and Social aspects, our strategy is to present the benefits of living and working in London, displaying London as a destination city.
Our main goal is to bring people that embrace London as their home, making this city an even better place to live and raise a family. People that, no matter their origin, feel deeply as Londoners. People that come to London for a job and stay for life.

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