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Crunican Orchards

the brief:For over 100 years, the Crunican Family had an apple farm that has been producing fresh Ontario apples. Located near Elginfield, Ontario, the place is where four generations of the Crunican family have devoted their passion for fresh, local, quality apples and products. Our mission was to re-brand Crunican Orchards, by creating a new positioning, logo and marketing solutions.

My roles:Marketing.

Collaborators:Me, Jennifer Rozman and Katrina Dorsett.

the project:The goal is to make Crunican a name that stands out. By keeping Crunican Orchards’ core values as the base of the brand, we focused on aspects such as Tradition, History, Local, Fresh and a Family business. We developed a logo that would reflect the family union, as well as the freshness of their products, and created marketing initiatives that would sponsor Crunican Orchards. By promoting partnerships with local bakeries that also had rich local histories, Crunican Orchards would be able to sell their products all over Ontario. We also suggested to create family events, that would bring people to the Orchards and turn the experience into a fun, family activity.

Crunican Orchards