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Odell Beckham Jr

the brief:In partnership with Officialize, Fanshawe College brought us the opportunity to re-brand and create an online professional web page for a famous NFL athlete, Odell Beckham Jr. Besides the website, each team of students were supposed to develop promotional materials and marketing solutions to get the athlete’s presence known.

My roles:Design and Marketing.

Collaborators:Me, Barbara Bombachini, Emre Filiz, Eric Lee, Mauricio Silveira.

the project:Odell Beckham Jr. is a worldwide known football player. For this re-branding project, we decided to focus not only on his career as a football player, but also as a celebrity and philanthropist, with a presence that goes beyond his football skills. Considering that athletes have a shorter career life span, the main goal was to introduce OBJ’s brand as an off-field personality, to allow him to have a strong and developed brand, even after retiring from NFL. Besides de new logo and promotional videos, we worked on developing social media channels, specially Instagram and Facebook, to provide active engagement with the public. The launch of a clothing line, including male, female and kids apparel and accessories aims to be present in people’s life by offering unique and beautifully designed items.

Odell Beckham Jr