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P!nk - The Last Tour

the brief:The students had to to design a ‘Retirement World Tour’ music app for a band or singer of choice. We were supposed to design and build a prototype, as a farewell for the artist and that would be distributed only to those who buy tickets to the show. The app would have exclusive content and never heard songs from that artist.

Check out the APP's prototype!

the project:For this project, at first, I was in doubt about which artist I would choose to design an app for. I chose P!nk because of what she represents. She is a very strong woman, with a bold attitude. Being a singer, songwriter, dancer, an animal-rights activist and a mom, she’s had a career of more than 23 years. Having launched several successful albums, she’s currently going on tour for her latest album. I believe women like her are an example and inspiration for every woman that want to achieve their dreams.
This app is exclusive for the fans that purchased the “Last Tour Tickets”. Featuring the location of the concerts, a gallery of images of the shows so far, and access to the complete collection of music albums, the app brings the opportunity of a peak behind the curtains of P!nk’s tour.

P!nk - The Last Tour